IFTA Collections

IFTA Collections orchestrates the collection of international audio-visual royalties and levies for more than 140 participating companies worldwide. IFTA Collections is a service offered to IFTA Member companies and under limited circumstances to non-Members. IFTA Collections collects cable retransmission royalties, private copy levies, video rental levies, educational royalties, theatrical box office levies, public performance television royalties and public performance video royalties from more than 25 producers and authors societies throughout the world. IFTA Collections has collected more than $100 million on behalf of its participants.

BMG offers IFTA Members the opportunity to receive music royalties and licensing fees for radio, television and, in some markets, theatrical use of their product worldwide.

IFTA Collections is actively involved at every phase of the collection process. IFTA Collections’ advocacy activities and its presence at international societies enable it to significantly impact the establishment of payment rights and the distribution of funds. IFTA Collections’ administrative systems allow it to efficiently seek, receive and disburse monies to its participants.

If you have questions regarding IFTA Collections, contact:
Ian Bonifield, Director, IFTA Collections
1-310-446-1040 | ibonifield@ifta-online.org