IFTA Arbitration

IFTA Arbitration has administered the resolution of disputes in more than 2,700 cases involving more than US$850 million in claims, since its inception as the American Film Marketing Association Arbitration Tribunal in 1984. IFTA Arbitration may be used for a wide variety of domestic and international entertainment disputes, such as those arising out of production agreements, motion picture, television and multimedia licensing agreements, financing agreements, film exhibition agreements and sales agency agreements, to name a few.

IFTA Arbitrators are distinguished entertainment attorneys acting as neutral experts who hear arguments, review evidence and issue binding decisions called arbitration awards. IFTA Arbitration is less formal, and generally less expensive and more expedient than litigation. Many matters submitted to IFTA Arbitration are settled during the arbitration process.

You may use IFTA Arbitration if the relevant agreement contains an arbitration clause designating the IFTA tribunal. For disputes arising out of existing agreements that do not provide for IFTA Arbitration, it is still possible to file a claim, as long as the parties agree in writing to use IFTA Arbitration at the time the claim is filed.

For more information on IFTA Arbitration, contact:
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