How To File An Independent Film & Television Alliance Arbitration Claim

An Independent Film & Television Alliance Arbitration claim may be filed in any dispute if the parties have provided for Independent Film & Television Alliance Arbitration (or IFTA Arbitration, AFMA Arbitration or American Film Marketing Association Arbitration) either in their contract, or in a subsequent letter agreement at the time the claim is filed. The parties do not have to be members of IFTA to participate in IFTA Arbitration.

The procedure for filing all claims is to send a “Notice of Arbitration” to the other party and to the IFTA Arbitral Agent. The Notice of Arbitration must contain:
1. A demand that the dispute be referred to Independent Film & Television Alliance Arbitration;

2. The names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, if available, of the parties;

3. The names, addresses, phone and fax numbers of the parties’ counsel or representative, if any or if known;

4. A copy of the clause or agreement providing for Independent Film & Television Alliance Arbitration (or IFTA Arbitration or AFMA Arbitration or American Film Marketing Association Arbitration);

5. A complete copy of the contract relating to the dispute;

6. A statement of the nature of the dispute and the amount involved, if any; and

7. A statement of the relief or remedy sought.

Please see our Sample Notice of Arbitration.

A 10-day settlement letter is available to be sent to the other party prior to initiating the arbitration.

Pursuant to the IFTA Rules for International Arbitration, the Notice of Arbitration will be forwarded via USPS certified mail to Respondents located within the United States. For Respondents located outside of the United States, the Notice of Arbitration will be forwarded via USPS registered airmail, which may take longer to track and confirm delivery. Claimants are encouraged to provide IFTA with a courier account number when filing their Notice of Arbitration to confirm Respondent's receipt of the Notice of Arbitration. The applicable courier fee will be charged to that account and confirmation of delivery will be provided to the IFTA Arbitrator appointed for that matter.

All IFTA Arbitration Awards will be sent to the email addresses or fax numbers provided by the Parties and followed by mail according to these same procedures.

IFTA Arbitration Fees are divided into two categories: Administrative Fees and Arbitrator Deposits.


Administrative Fees (non-refundable and include an optional 10-day settlement letter fee and the arbitration filing fee)

The Arbitration Filing Fee should accompany the filing of a claim or Notice of Arbitration (pursuant to Rule 2 of the Independent Film & Television Alliance Rules for International Arbitration) and the filing of a counterclaim or a cross claim (pursuant to Rule 8.5).

Arbitrator Deposits (unused portions are refundable)

Arbitrators require that the parties pay a specified deposit amount (currently US$1,500 per party). From that deposit amount, the assigned arbitrator will deduct his/her hourly fee in direct proportion to the amount of work done on the arbitration. In the case of a default, the minimum charge shall be the amount of the initial deposit. Please note, if one party fails to participate in the arbitration, the arbitrator has the discretion to require the participating party to provide the absent party’s arbitrator deposit as well as its own.

Any unused portion of the arbitrator deposit is returned to the parties which provided the deposit once the arbitration has finished except as noted above. If the amount of time spent by the arbitrator on a particular arbitration exceeds the amount of the deposit, the arbitrator may require the parties to provide the additional fees. In the event that the arbitrator requires the participating party to provide a deposit for the absent party, or the prevailing (i.e., winning) party to pay the additional arbitrator fee, the arbitrator may include that amount in the arbitration award to be recovered from the absent or non-prevailing party.

Please note that all arbitrator fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes.

For fees for arbitrators located in the United Kingdom, contact:
Richonda Starkey, Arbitral Agent
1-310-446-1000 or

Effective as of March 24, 2017.