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September 2016
IFTA® Launches New E-Newsletter, In Focus
As the voice of the Independent film and television industry worldwide, IFTA created In Focus to serve everyone who has a stake in the business of filmed entertainment. Each monthly edition will provide information and analysis of marketplace and legislative developments, and trends impacting the independent film and television sector. - Jean Prewitt, President & CEO, IFTA
EU Digital Single Market
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What We Know as Portability Nears Parliament Review
As the first of several expected legislative actions with its “Digital Single Market” initiative, Europe’s regulation on the “portability” of online content subscriptions is nearing a reality for EU consumers. This regulation and other legislative actions under consideration may have far-reaching consequences for the European marketplace and those who license content exclusively along national boundaries. IFTA has been following the controversial Digital Single Market initiative since its outset. Read more on the Commission’s proposed Digital Single Market recommendations.
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IFTA Speaks Out for Creative Sector, Joins Brexit Task Force
On June 24, immediately following the results of Britain’s referendum to exit the EU, IFTA issued a strong statement from its UK-based Chairman, Michael Ryan, on the exit’s negative implications for the film and television industry. Looking ahead, IFTA will continue its industry leading role by actively participating on the British Film Institute’s task force to examine the impact of the Brexit vote on the audio-visual industry including funding for local production and UK co-productions. Read relevant articles.
Marketplace Update
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Independent China Box Office Analysis YTD
IFTA Research’s review of the China Box Office for 2016 shows that the Independents’ share increased by 85% to $201.3 million or 5.6% of period revenue. Nine independent films have been released this year. Over the same period, 16 major studio films have been released, taking nearly half of the rev share quota of 34 imported films. Co-productions are also up 5.3% over 2015. While it is encouraging that independent revenue share has increased, this may be a brief development given that in 2015, there were just nine independent films released in total, with none being slotted after mid-year. See full analysis here.
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With independent and local films facing challenges at the Mexico Box Office and the devaluation of the Peso, IFTA Research took a close look at this territory. Read IFTA's summary of significant trends and conditions in Mexico's entertainment marketplace. Highlights include:

How rights for most titles are sold
What's unique about Mexico's Premium Pay TV channels
How SVOD dominates its VOD market


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What’s the Real Deal with the Swiss Film Act?
Amendments to Switzerland’s Federal Act on Film Production and Film Culture have extended certain restrictions on theatrical distribution in the country to all other forms of exploitation, except linear broadcasts. They have caused much confusion in the marketplace and led to various interpretations as to their scope. What does this mean for your films and buyers? Read summary.
Copyright Protection
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IFT’s Practical Guide to Copyright Protection: Step 1
IFTA published its Practical Guide to Copyright Protection as a road map to better understand how to protect your works and enforce your rights. The critical first step is establishing basic security policies and rules for your company, its employees, vendors and distributors. Have a security and enforcement plan in place prior to production which continues throughout the distribution cycle, anticipating points of exposure and appropriate response if a breach of film security occurs. Read more.
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