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October 2016
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FCC Commissioners Delay Vote on Set-Top Box Proposal
On September 29, the FCC Commissioners were scheduled to vote on the controversial Set-Top Box proposal, but it was suddenly pulled stating that the Commissioners are still resolving technical and legal issues. The proposal has been opposed by virtually the entire creative sector, including IFTA, and also elicited unfavorable review by the U.S. Copyright Office. The proposal was released earlier this year by the FCC as a way to introduce competition into the cable-company-dominated market for cable set-top boxes by enabling unaffiliated third-party device manufacturers to access content licensed to the U.S. cable and satellite providers.
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IFTA Urges Adoption of “Notice Take Down & Stay Down"
The long review process of U.S. Copyright Law is still underway in the House Judiciary Committee, which set out on a ‘listening tour’ following many hearings, as well as the U.S. Copyright Office, which is engaged in policy studies and has sought input on the impact and effectiveness of the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). IFTA has both spoken out and submitted comments stressing the need for updated legislation that reflects today’s digital environment by strengthening the responsibility of ISPs to respond to notifications of online infringement. IFTA continues to follow these reviews and communicate the need for a strong legal framework for copyright protection and enforcement. Read more.
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Legislative Proposals to Modernize EU Copyright Rules
On September 14, the European Commission published a package of legislative proposals to update and reform the EU rules related to copyright in an effort to advance its “Digital Single Market” strategy. The current proposals, aimed at promoting online, cross-border access to content throughout the EU, include: a Regulation laying down rules applicable to licensing certain online transmissions of broadcasting organizations and to retransmissions by television and radio programmes; and a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market that, inter alia, would create rights for authors and performers to participate financially in the online exploitation of their work. IFTA is reviewing these proposals to ascertain their potential impact on the independent film and television industry, and is actively engaged with the Commission and the Member States. Read more.
Marketplace Update
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Japan is a challenging territory for foreign films as local productions outshine U.S. titles at the box office. IFTA Research did a deep dive into the current state of Japan's entertainment marketplace to determine what distribution channels are most profitable for imported independent films and TV series. Read IFTA's summary. Highlights include:

Growth of the theatrical sector
Japan's distinct film financing and production structure
Release Strategy for U.S. films
Japan's developing online video market


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Six Days of Industry Conferences Covering Script to Screen
Featuring 100+ key players, visionaries and thought leaders in the film industry, the AFM Conference Series takes an in-depth look at the most important forces, trends and changes impacting the global independent film business today -- from Funding Films Today and the Future of Film Finance to Producing, Marketing & Distributing in China, Pitching Essentials, Producing for the Pre-Sales Market, Working with Sales and Talent Agents, and The Future of Video On Demand. Attendees gain both a macro state-of the-industry view and practical takeaways that they can use immediately to grow their business or career.
Register for the AFM Conference Series.
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New IFTA Board Brings Experience and Global Perspectives
On September 22, IFTA held the annual elections for its Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 term. The newly elected Directors will work alongside Chairman Michael Ryan (GFM Films), and bring incredible breadth of industry experience and a true global perspective to the association. Today, 25% of the Board is from outside of the U.S. and more than 50% from outside of Los Angeles. Meet IFTA’s Board.
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IFTA’s Practical Guide to Copyright Protection: Step 2
Even though you have established and employed strict security measures to protect your films and programs, digital piracy is still possible. The all-important second step detailed in IFTA’s Practical Guide to Copyright Protection is to know your enforcement options, including how and where to report illegal activity in the instance of copyright infringement, as well as where the piracy is occurring since each country has its own national intellectual property laws. Familiarize yourself and others in your company on the steps for notifying ISPs, payment processors, search engines, and advertisers of copyright infringement.
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