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March 2017
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IFTA Weighs In: Future of U.S. Copyright Office & DMCA
IFTA welcomes efforts to ensure a well-funded and independent U.S. Copyright Office, as the first policy proposal to emerge from the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee's ongoing review of the U.S. Copyright Law focuses on modernizing the U.S. Copyright Office itself. Also, as the Copyright Office continues its own public study on the impact and effectiveness of the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, IFTA reiterates its call for a "notice, takedown and stay-down" framework to effectively address online copyright infringement. Read IFTA's summary.
U.S. Tax Incentive
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Will the Film & TV Industry Benefit from Proposed Tax Reform?
Section 181, the federal tax incentive that combated runaway film and television production and reduced production costs for projects shot in the United States, expired at the end of 2016. Now focus is on the potential rewrite of U.S. tax code and the proposed Republican Blueprint which is sparking vigorous debate over its "Border Adjustment Tax." IFTA is working to understand how the proposals would impact the film and television industry and collecting feedback from its Members to provide a foundation for outreach to Congress. Read More.
Asia Marketplace
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Regional Deals Simplify the Complexity of Asia's TV Market
One of the most important sales outlets for independents, the Pay TV market in Asia is projected to grow 25% by 2021 to over $40 billion annually. At the same time, the market has become increasingly complex and challenging with uneven infrastructure development and economic growth amongst the region's territories. With Pay TV penetration in the region projected to increase to almost 70% by 2021, IFTA Research examined Asia's marketplace to determine the strongest TV distribution channels for independent content. Read IFTA's summary.
State of the Industry
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Film Industry Leaders Share Their View from the Top
Like most industries, the movie business, especially independent film, sees tectonic shifts impacted by the economy, global marketplace conditions and access, new technology, and legislation. At IFTA's American Film Market Financing Conferences, film industry leaders talked candidly about what it takes to get a film made today, the biggest challenges the industry is faced with, what buyers want and how the digital giants are shaking things up for better or worse.
See what they had to say.
Content Licensing
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How a Repeal of UK's Section 73 Will Effect Cable Operators
The UK intends to repeal Section 73 of the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. In 2016, IFTA and other industry groups urged the UK to eliminate Section 73 which exempted cable operators from paying copyright fees for the retransmission of the Public Service Broadcasters' core channels, including all BBC channels, ITV1, and Channel 4 and 5's core channels. If the repeal is included in the Digital Economy Bill as promised, producers will be able to negotiate for appropriate compensation derived from the retransmission of their content from these channels. Read More.
Going to Market
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Next Stop Hong Kong - IFTA at FILMART
IFTA will again have a large presence at FILMART, Asia's largest entertainment market which opens today in Hong Kong, with a dedicated Pavilion hosting 27 Member companies and 60 of its Member companies overall set up to do business and network at the show. This marks the seventh year IFTA has hosted its Pavilion at the market. See over 2500 films that are available at FILMART here. Read more on IFTA at FILMART and its Members' films that are being touted as the "Hot Titles" by the press here

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