Pre-Arbitration Settlement Procedure

The Independent Film & Television Alliance has established a unique, optional, Pre-Arbitration Settlement Procedure.  Many disputes have been resolved this way and without the need to go to full arbitration.

To use the Pre-Arbitration Settlement Procedure, simply send the Notice of Arbitration to IFTA and indicate that you would like to pursue the pre-arbitration settlement procedure. Instead of transmitting the Notice of Arbitration immediately, IFTA will send a letter to the other party providing for a 10-day settlement period before the arbitration is formally initiated.

The Pre-Arbitration Settlement Procedure is complimentary for IFTA Members.  There is a $150 charge for non-IFTA Members. If the claimant decides to move forward to arbitration, IFTA will credit this pre-arbitration fee toward the full filing fee.

Again, the Pre-Arbitration Settlement procedure is optional.  A party may initiate full arbitration without attempting settlement prior to full arbitration.