IFTA Commends Senate Vote to Restore Net Neutrality


May 17, 2018, Jean Prewitt, President and CEO, Independent Film & Television Alliance Responds to the Senate Passage of S. J. Res. 52 to reinstate the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order: 

“Yesterday, 52 senators including Democrats, Republicans and Independents stood up for the public interest and a free and open internet. IFTA applauds their action and commends Senator Edward Markey for his longstanding leadership on this issue. The Net Neutrality rules adopted by the FCC in 2015 ensured that providers, including independent film and television producers, would not face blocking, throttling or discrimination with respect to their content. By acting to restore these rules, the Senate renews the promise of the internet as an open and ubiquitous platform for all providers, accessible on an equal basis for all citizens.  We urge the House to expeditiously act to preserve the internet in the interest of the American Public."