IFTA Files Comments in Government Review of U.S. Copyright Law

IFTA has filed Comments in response to a U.S. government inquiry on Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy. The Notice of Inquiry issued by the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration is part of a comprehensive government review of Copyright Law.

IFTA’s Comments were aimed at ensuring that U.S. laws are effective for independent rights holders in today’s digital environment, providing the necessary legal framework for producers and their distribution partners to safely explore ways to offer films and television programming in a variety of ways on emerging online distribution platforms.

On 12 December, 2013, IFTA VP and General Counsel, Susan Cleary will testify at a related hearing addressing the U.S. notice and takedown legal framework and copyright protection tools at the USPTO offices in Alexandria, Virginia.