Board of Directors

IFTA Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Michael Ryan
GFM Films
Kirk D'Amico
General Vice Chairperson
Myriad Pictures
Jay Joyce
Vice Chairperson/Finance
Artist View Entertainment
Lloyd Kaufman
General Vice Chairperson
Troma Entertainment
Charlotte Mickie
Vice Chairperson, Non-Californian
Mongrel International
Almira Ravil
Chairperson, IFTA Export Alliance
Screen Media
Lise Romanoff
Vice Chairperson, Secretary
Vision Films

Board of Directors
Paul Bales
The Asylum  
Tamara Birkemoe
Foresight Unlimited  
Brad Krevoy
Motion Picture Corporation of America
Epic Pictures Group
Emperor Motion Picture
Jason Buckley
Lakeshore Entertainment
Avi Lerner
Nu Image
CineTel Films
The Exchange
Voltage Pictures
Kathy Morgan International 
Hyde Park International
IM Global
Reel One Entertainment
Rocket Science
Film Mode Entertainment
Cornerstone Films
Relativity Media
Caroline Couret-Delegue (Alternate)
Truffle Pictures
The Weinstein Company 
Independent Film Sales