Board of Directors

IFTA Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Michael Ryan
GFM Films
Andrew Kramer
General Vice Chairperson
Clay Epstein 
Vice Chairperson, Secretary
Filmmode Entertainment

Board of Directors


Tannaz Anisi
13 Films

Jeffrey Greenstein
Millennium Media, Inc.
Paul Bales
The Asylum  
Lloyd Kaufman
Troma Entertainment, Inc.
Jason Buckley
Lakeshore Entertainment
The Exchange
Hyde Park International
Lise Romanoff
Vision Films, Inc. 
Voltage Pictures
Hanway Films
Caroline Couret-Delegue 
Truffle Pictures
Jeannine Tang 

Participant Media 

Pierre David 

Reel One Entertainment 

Cornerstone Films

Gene George 

Anna Marsh 

Frederick Tsui 
Media Asia