Beyond the Red Carpet Movie & TV Magic Day

IFTA Participates with Rep. Judy Chu, Rep. Howard Coble and Industry Leaders in Behind-the-Scenes, Interactive Movie and TV Industry Showcase

Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beyond the Red Carpet: Movie & TV Magic Day
Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Howard Coble Participated in Today’s Behind-the-Scenes, Interactive Movie and TV Industry Showcase
Today, in cooperation with members of the film and television industry, Creative Rights Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Howard Coble participated in “Beyond the Red Carpet: Movie & TV Magic Day,” an industry showcase event offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creativity, talent and innovation that drive the American film and television industry. The event featured a speaking program and fourteen exhibit booths highlighting different components of the extensive work that goes into making movies and TV shows.
Ruth Vitale, Executive Director of CreativeFuture, said: “The extraordinary range of skills and talents showcased today offers a glimpse of what the creative community does every day to bring great stories to audiences around the world. It is equally important that we tell our own story. That’s why CreativeFuture is mobilizing the creative community to speak up about the value of creativity and work to ensure that creativity is respected." 
“The Directors Guild of America is honored to join with the entertainment community and the Creative Rights Caucus to shine a spotlight on the dedicated men and women whose artistry, commitment, and hard work come together behind the scenes to create the movies and television shows that bring our stories to the world,” said Jay D. Roth, National Executive Director of the Directors Guild of America (DGA). “On behalf of our 15,000 members, we thank Congresswoman Chu and Congressman Coble for their leadership in recognizing and protecting the vital role that creativity plays in our culture and our country.”
Jean Prewitt, President & CEO of the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) said, “We take great pride in participating in an event that celebrates the U.S. film and television industry’s creative talent and recognizes the rights of those involved in the day-to-day development, production, financing and distribution of programming. The creative industries are a significant contributor to the American economy and to preserving our country’s culture.  With Independents producing over 70% of U.S. films each year, IFTA appreciates the attention and concern shown by members of Congress to protecting our industry’s ability to create and we thank Representatives Chu and Coble and the Creative Rights Caucus for helping to generate the awareness and support shown at today’s event.”
"We are proud to be part of today's event showcasing the talent, skill, and dedication of the behind-the-scenes workers in motion picture and television," said Matthew D. Loeb, President of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.). "It takes a village to produce a movie or television show, and many of our members are the ones making the magic happen behind the camera. This work contributes significantly to the American economy, and I thank Congresswoman Chu and Congressman Coble for their constant support of the creative industry."
“Today’s event displayed just a fraction of the tremendous talent, hard work and skill that goes into making the stories we see on screen,” said Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America.  “Every day, nearly 2 million men and women in all 50 states go to work at a job dependent on the motion picture and television industry. The animators, costume designers, makeup artists and others that we saw at work today make movie magic, but they also contribute significantly to the local economies where they work.  I want to thank Congresswoman Chu and Congressman Coble for their leadership and their continued commitment to protecting and promoting the economically-vital American creativity that was on display today, and is on display in communities throughout the country every single day.”
Ken Howard, president of Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) said, “Actors are a crucial component in the production of motion pictures and television programs, and in the art and artistry of entertainment. Without professional performers to breathe life into characters and give texture, meaning and humanity to the world’s stories, movie and television magic simply would not happen. We are thrilled to support the Creative Rights Caucus in celebration of our members, the industry and all of the talented creators and skilled craftsmen who make the magic possible.”
The speaking program and exhibit spaces included a producer, a filmmaker, a screenwriter, an editor, independent film and television executives, distributors, a costume illustrator, a guild executive, along with:
·         SAG-AFTRA actor RJ Mitte from AMC’s BREAKING BAD
·         Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, stars of TNT/Warner Horizon Television series “Dallas”
·         Syfy “Face Off” make-up artist
·         Nickelodeon storyboard artist
·         Costume designer from AMC’s TURN
·         Interactive digital color correction experience with an award-winning colorist from Deluxe
·         Supervising animators for Elsa and Anna from Disney's FROZEN
·         “Directors on Directing” video from the Directors Guild of America
·         Special behind-the-scenes video from Sony Pictures
·         “What it Means to be Independent” video from IFTA
·         Appearance from Fox’s Sunday NFL Sports robot, Cleatus
·         Appearance from Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants
Creative Rights Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Howard Coble participated in cooperation with the following hosts:
·         21st Century Fox
·         AMC Networks
·         Copyright Alliance
·         CreativeFuture
·         Deluxe Media & Entertainment
·         Directors Guild of America
·         Independent Film & Television Alliance
·         International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
·         Motion Picture Association of America
·         NBCUniversal
·         National Association of Theatre Owners
·         SAG-AFTRA
·         Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
·         Time Warner/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
·         Viacom/Nickelodeon
·         The Walt Disney Company